What is the Study Programme?

The Study Programme is an individual bespoke 42 week training course made for each individual 16-19 year old who comes to Horizon Training.

The Study Programme is likely to include the following:

  • Vocational programme (see courses listed below) – this will be the area in which you develop your skills in your chosen vocation.
  • Maths and English skills development and qualifications – functional skills & GCSEs available.
  • Personal Social Development – sessions which will discuss different aspects of life.
  • A work experience placement in your chosen vocation – you will build your employability skills and complete a qualification to develop yourself into the world of work.

What now?

There are many ways you can join our exciting Study Programme here at Horizon Training. 

Your local Young People’s Service will give you further information on the programme and what is involved or alternatively you can call in to have a look around the centre and have a chat to staff at any time.

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